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 The Adele Sutton Range – where your health and safety always comes first. We always put our client’s health first as we believe there is no reason to risk using lower grade products on an area as delicate and beautiful as your eye.
Adele Sutton has developed world class adhesives free from formaldehyde, carcinogens heavy metals and with the correct black carbon  specifications, making it the safest product on the market. We have a wide variety of eyelash extension products, which includes adhesives,  designer eyelashes,  Eyelash perm,  Pre & after salon  &  client care products,  eyepads & disposables,  all the equipment and accessories required. 
 Our exclusive product,  Lashcoat Semi permanent mascara   is an innovative salonsystem cosmetic application that is poised to revolutionize the mascara industry. 
Lashcoat coats your lashes with a black velvety colour, enhances your lashes– low maintenance, high style, no more eyelash tinting.  
We offer intensive training in Eyelash extension and Lashcoat  Semi permanent mascara by Adele Sutton’s group who is the founder of  Lashcoat and who understand everything to do with eyelash enhancements including eyelash extensions, semi permanent mascara and eyelashperm.


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